How to Add Confirm and Instant Verify USA PayPal via VCC

PayPal not accepting my e-statement and demanding me to provide Paper statement
November 8, 2016
I am Scared of uploading Fake CC Statement to PayPal – What will happen next?
November 8, 2016

VCC added in USA PayPal but not able to confirm it?

You don’t know the steps of verifying your Credit/Debit or Virtual Card at USA PayPal

Due to new PayPal theme, you are unable to confirm card

You are unable to find Confirm button in your USA PayPal

You had successfully add card but can’t able to find confirm button due to new look of PayPal.

See below Video Tutorial and follow simple steps to confirm and verify your USA PayPal account with VCC


  1. luckyvivi says:

    Hello, how can I convert eth to USD?

  2. MyztikStylez says:

    What does the SSN document consist of?

  3. Everything work accordingly thanks for share. Awesome video

  4. Sadek says:

    Hello i need a photo id for paypal, please contact with me [email protected]

  5. Roshan says:

    I need documents for PayPal verification

  6. Frederic says:

    Hello, I want to verify paypal accounts with all the data that is needed (verify card, verify bank account, etc) these accounts have to be company accounts, please more detail to [email protected]

  7. Secondeye says:

    Sorry, We do not offer PayPal Accounts, You can buy documents from us.

  8. saloeurn says:

    Can you tell me more detail about Reseller Program or affiliate of ur website?
    Reply me [email protected]

  9. Asaf Azulay says:

    Hi. I need an ID for an American PayPal. I will be happy to learn more

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