How to Get Fake Photo ID for PayPal

PayPal is asking to confirm Identity via Phone
November 8, 2016
I am a Drop shipper and PayPal asking for Supplier Invoices
November 8, 2016

Appeal limitation and fix your account

PayPal Limit my account and asking to provide below requirements:

1- Confirm Identity Via phone
2- Provide Photo ID
3- Provide Proof of Address
4- Confirm Location

How can I solve this limitation?
Click Resolve Button at Confirm Identity at resolution Center

Click on Photo ID or Proof of Address

For Photo ID > You need to provide Passport or Driver License or National Identity Card or any Government issued Photo Identity card

For Proof of Address > You need to provide Utility Bill which includes Electricity Bill or Gas Bill or Water Bill

Upload Required Documents.

And you are Done.

Account is fake and you don’t have Driver License or Passport or Utility Bill to provide, What to do?

You can order your required document through our website and restore your account back to Normal.


  1. Eniola says:

    what payment method do you accept and i will get those document

  2. James says:

    i am from morocco, does your documents work for international buyers? i want to buy fake photo id and proof of address and some other documents.

  3. skinnyyayo says:

    Do you do driver lincese and how to make payment and get it ?

  4. Den says:

    Hi,can you make invoices for example?and how much proof of address and photo id (UK)?

  5. hello, can you do supply invoice from the manufacturer and the manufacturer’s letter approve you to sell the product as well? I need them to ungated my Amazon account.

  6. Theresa says:

    Hi how do i buy a photo id from you for paypal verification. I need a uk photo id to verify my uk paupay account

  7. vitthal says:

    Hi I want one photo ID proof for paypal verification.