I am Scared of uploading Fake CC Statement to PayPal – What will happen next?

How to Add Confirm and Instant Verify USA PayPal via VCC
November 8, 2016

PayPal is asking me to upload Credit Card statement. I need to know that what if I provide fake Credit Card statement to paypal, will they permanent ban my account if they know it or what?

Your PayPal account is already limited and you have no other option to restore it except to provide a Credit Card statement. If you had added a real card then still there is no guarantee that they will restore your account after providing your real Credit Card statement. if they get suspicious regarding your transactions or account activity they will simply close your account by mentioning high risk activity or other.

If your account is stealth and required a Credit Card statement to restore it then you need to place an order for a Fake Credit Card statement. As per our experience we had restored many accounts but still there is not guarantee of restoration. You can try your luck.

We had also restored PayPal accounts that demands for Bank statement, Photo ID, Proof of Address, Business Details and other.

To order a Credit Card statement from us, we just need your Credit Card details that you had provided to PayPal and other transaction details like withdrawal or upload history or PayPal code to confirm owner of card if you have.

Credit Card statement available for all Visa Card, Master Card, Gift and Prepaid cards as per your request

Please Visit our website to place your order.


  1. luckyvivi says:

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  3. Joseph samuel says:

    I offer withdrawal service for limited paypal account that has completed 180 days. Need my service? Contact me on Skype: Josephsm823

  4. Musa says:

    Hi, Still this website is working or not ?

  5. tammy9776 says:

    I don’t know how long it takes but I’m waiting for my ID how do I find out when I get my documents

  6. daniellim says:

    hello just bought documents #29471. Please use the same photo as previous order #29210 as paypal asked for more documents. Both orders are the same person.

  7. richi says:

    I have an order No. 29111 on May 16, 2019 with payment completed but I still have not received my documents.

  8. Bjjames0455 says:

    Hello, there was an error on my ordered document with the signature being incorrect and while I have emailed several times I have not received the correct document and it’s been more than 2 days, thought this would be a quick fix, furthermore I placed super fast 24-48 hours delivery and it’s now been 5 days since my order placed, if I don’t receive correct document within 24 hours my account where document is needed will be closed, thank you

  9. blazz85 says:

    Sent request with Contact us option , please reply fast before my account get delete by paypal , Thank 😀

  10. strezout7z says:

    Order #25692

    I have provided all the details request but am still yet to be credited with my funds I paid for. Kindly look into it for me.

  11. Rj1010 says:

    Order #22455
    Paid by Skrill, can you confirm payment has been recieved? Tried email but no response after payment made with screenshot sent 🙁

  12. msnholmes91 says:

    How do I contact support? I placed order and there was error on it. This is one week after, I can’t use my document because of the error. Order# 22022

  13. John McLaughlin says:

    Hello: I am a repeat customer who ordered several new documents I need for Paypal about five days ago. Since then you have never responded to my order or my requests for payment details. I do not know if you are on vacation, if it is a holiday where you are located or what the problem might be. I do not think this is a proper way to deal with customers, however. Can you please tell me why you will not respond to my orders or messages? Thanks.

  14. Max Stuard says:

    Hi! I want to open a paypal account with all the documents required but I have just one question !
    How can I withdrawal money from PayPal to my cards if I use this documents ?

  15. Grygory luton says:

    Hello please I need driver license for my and pay stub or social securty card

  16. Siamak says:

    I want to open an account with all it’s future requirements (ID card, proof of photo ID , Driver license, Proof of address, bank statement , … everything necessary )
    I already sent email.

  17. chad2018 says:

    I’m still waiting to Get the Western Union\Money Gram info to pay for my order #19256 ??

  18. William says:

    What is your ICQ number?

  19. pourya18 says:

    I want to know when my order is ready

  20. jhonmichel says:

    Hi, my order #18506 , how is going process ?
    is any live here ?

  21. vikas says:

    I’m still waiting to Get the Western Union\Money Gram info to pay for my order??
    Order No. 18569

  22. Sérgio Magalhães says:

    Good afternoon, I already tried to contact your services by skype and by email and still I did not get any answer, it was about a skrill account that is limited, and wanted to indicate a solution

  23. 13obby says:


    You completed my documents but their is an issue with the documents and I need you to rectify the issue I have sent you several emails outlining the issue but you have not replied can you please rectify my problem or at least get back to me please I need this rectified urgently.

  24. Tiffany Harris says:

    Please are you going to deliver the driver license to my address or to my email…. I want it through my email because that will be the fastest way and can you do that for me?

  25. Tiffany Harris says:

    Hello please I need driver license for my PayPal limitations…

  26. Bryan.Kanady says:

    Hi , order 16885 in process since January 26, 2018, can you help me please thanks

  27. sam says:

    hey I need custom documents to be notarized.

    can you plz respond???

  28. Anne Moo says:


    I have uploaded a photoshopped ID to PayPal.
    Now, my account is staying limited anyways, and I want to take them to small claims court.
    Can I still do this safely, or is it too risky as they might bring up the fake ID issue in front of court and get me in trouble for it?
    Please advice.

  29. gettoit says:

    Placed order and waiting for Western Union info hoping this doesn’t take long as I need my documents uurgently

  30. Harryp7811 says:

    Im still waiting to Get the Western Union\Money Gram info to pay for my order?? Does this usually take more than a day ?

  31. HamzaAwad says:

    Once ive paid for driving license, you guys havent even placed my order while I paid, please complete my order i been waiting a day.

  32. Brittaneu says:

    Well I hope these reviews are right because I do not have my order yet. Paid saturday. Received an email that they are processing my order.
    Sunday,,,,,,,, ,,, understandable holiday

    But monday????? Nothing yet. I am waiting and waiting

  33. Roy says:

    Hello ! I need your help, I need documents. Please check your e-mail.
    Thank you

  34. Hen. Garf says:

    Need florida id verification paypal (phake). Please

  35. jae shin says:

    are you still in business?

  36. Kim Yongjin says:


    I paid double amount of $280 to get documents urgently, but unfortunately I didn’t get right result from your service yet and you guys are not responding for my all requests..

    I am so disappointed since your document is different from real one and you are not responding my requests to fix that.
    If you need, I can pay more for the fixes..

    I wish you guys to serve for all customers sincerely.

    • Kim Yongjin says:

      Finally, I could get awesome result fixed some issues.
      I am so happy with your sincere service.

      In the future, I will use your service many times 🙂
      Really good job!!!

    • Secondeye says:

      Sorry for inconvenience but please wait atleast for 24 hours for our reply, we had already provided your documents and we are always in contact with you on Facebook. I hope you are now satisfied with our service.

  37. okueq says:

    Good Morning ,

    Please i will like to know if you have Passport / Driver’s License & Utility Bill (Front & Back). for Wyoming ,US.

    Thanks and am expecting your feedback asap.

  38. Lena Doberman says:

    Very impressed with the documents made by Secondeye. Was able to get my account restored! I am glad Auction Essistance recommended me to him otherwise, I would have never been able to get that limitation removed.

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