PayPal not accepting my e-statement and demanding me to provide Paper statement

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November 8, 2016
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November 8, 2016

I used my real card in my PayPal account and now got limited and need to provide CC statement. I have e-statement available that i had download it from my online bank. After submitting to PayPal, they are demanding me to provide a paper statement so that they can know my address mention on it.


  • I don’t have any Paper statement
  • My Bank do not issue any paper statement, i have e-statement
  • Card is real but snatched or closed or not available due to any other reason so Credit card statement not available through bank.
  • Credit Card is real but cancelled so cannot provide any statement
  • I am out of city and can’t manage to get statement through bank and its urgent
  • Added Virtual Credit Card VCC in my PayPal account
  • Account is Fake or Stealth
  • Credit Card statement not available
  • Credit Card is not real or Virtual (VCC)

In this case you need to order a Credit Card statement from us, we just need your Credit Card details that you had provided to PayPal and other transaction details like withdrawal or upload history or PayPal code to confirm owner of card if you have.

Credit Card statement available for all Visa Card, Master Card, Gift and Prepaid cards as per your request

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