Buy Documents for your Limited, Ban or Suspended Accounts
Buy Documents for your Limited, Ban or Suspended Accounts
February 3, 2016
VCC for PayPal Non USA – TAT 24hr
VCC for PayPal Non USA – TAT 24hr
May 25, 2016
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VCC for PayPal USA – TAT 24hr

(19 customer reviews)


1- VCC will not work if your PayPal account is limited – Restore it first

2- VCC for USA PayPal will only lift Sending limit

3- You need to add Bank after adding VCC in USA PayPal to lift Sending and Receiving Limit

4- You need to add VCC with in 24 hours of issue, else it will expire and you need to re-purchase

5- Our VCC works perfectly fine but still there is no Guarantee of VCC if its limit your account.

6- PayPal code For USA VCC will deliver with in 24-72 hours of confirmation of card through PayPal account.

Reviews (19)

19 reviews for VCC for PayPal USA – TAT 24hr

  1. Sho

    You guys have any vcc’s for limited paypal accounts?

    • Support Agent. 3

      We can provide VCC for verify PayPal account

    • Support Agent. 3

      yes we can provide VCC for PayPal verification

  2. jason

    can i use this to verify anything other then paypal???

  3. Tomal Siddik

    I wanted new vcc for my paypal.can you contac with my skype:tomalit06

  4. 9y9


  5. Maukki

    do you got one of these?

  6. deemoney05

    Can someone please explain to how does this pay pal VCC works im intreseted in buying some

  7. Anonymous

    anyone here? who fixed paypal limitation from those DOC?

  8. Ray

    can i use this to pay for USPS temp change of address? I will purchase the USPS notory form, just wanna know if i can use this vcc to pay for the $2 USPS fee

  9. Jay mossman

    Anybody have updates ? They legit

    • Secondeye (verified owner)

      Yes, You can Google Secondeye PayPal Solution for our reviews.

  10. chinmonnk

    I have created a paypal acount. Now do i have to purchase the vcc in other to verify the account or i have to verify the account by myself before i can purchase the vcc. Urgent response plz.

  11. abdou

    do you have candienne vba ?

  12. Hector Jones

    Where will the vcc be delivered, i already bought one

    • Support Agent. 3

      Hello Sir
      You will get on email

  13. Wil

    The money is there need some card info

    • Support Agent. 3

      Hello Sir
      We provides VCC only for verification

  14. Isaac (verified owner)

    please I just purchased vcc for US PayPal, is there any other thing I needed from you guys for now? because I wanted to withdraw my Mooney.

    • Secondeye (verified owner)

      Are there any requirements shown on Resolution Centre page at PayPal?
      Bank Successfully added?

  15. Smithy

    do i have to put my photo on the passport, drivers licence, or national I.D that i want to buy and what are the alternative for that, do i get ssn if i dont have one?

  16. Dave

    Do you make VCC with Fulls details if provided?

    • Secondeye (verified owner)

      Currently we only provide Anonymous VCC.

  17. Secondeye (verified owner)

    Yes, You can find our Skype info at contact us page. Do not add Similar Fraud Skype names.

  18. Rajiv

    can i pay you with paypal

    • Secondeye (verified owner)

      Sorry, we do not accept Payments via PayPal.

  19. jgruenebaum

    new doc

    • Secondeye (verified owner)

      Please coordinate via support

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