:::::For Documents:::::

  •  These Are PhotoShopped Documents & have no records available in Public Records, Govt or Other Database. So Obviously there will be no Refund.
  • All details must be same as you provided on GayPal/eBay/other otherwise your account will not be restored.
  • We provide high quality real looking documents through which our Clients had restored their accounts successfully But Still there is no guarantee if they didn’t work. PayPal/eBay/other also limit all those suspicious accounts even by providing real documents.
  • There’s no refund & need to place another order if PayPal or other ask for additional documents in order to restore account. This happens when they were suspicious regarding your account activity.
  • We do not Ship Documents. All Documents will destroy immediately after delivery via email in JPEG image format.

:::::For VCC/VBA:::::

  • There will be no exchange or refund once VCC or VBA issued or generated.
  • VCC or VBA will not work in Limited account, Contact us first if this case happens.
  • Our VCC and VBA works perfectly fine but still no guarantee if they limit your account after use.
  • You need to add VBA as well as VCC for USA, UK, CA, AUS PayPal.
  • Validity of VCC = 24 hours after issue.
  • Validity of VBA = Less than 5-9 hours after issue.

:::::Refund Fees:::::

  • SecondeyeSolution will not bear any fees while refunding or sending back your funds.
  • Incase of Refund in Bitcoin, We will deduct sending fees and will send in Normal Delivery option
  • Due to high sending fees in Bitcoin, client need to bear fees.
  • All sending fees while refunding back your payment will be deducted from your original payment.